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Where to Celebrate Lunar New Year in Orlando

Celebrate Lunar New Year in Orlando with a fun, multicultural celebration in the heart of downtown. Often referred to as Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year is actually celebrated in many cultures throughout Asia. The holiday marks the beginning of the year according to the lunar calendar and is a time for honoring ancestors and welcoming a prosperous new year. Many American cities now have their own celebrations, and Orlando is no different. If you are vacationing in Orlando for Lunar New Year, you can attend a fun celebration filled with traditional foods, dances, and music.

The Dragon Parade

The festivities take place on February 17 at 11 a.m. with a parade along Thornton Avenue in the Mills 50 District of downtown Orlando. The parade is led by city and county officials as well as representatives of local Asian organizations, followed by dancers and musicians. It is important to usher in good fortune and keep out evil spirits at the start of the new year, so many of the performances you will see reflect this. Keep an eye out for dragon motifs and the iconic dragon dance, which symbolize good luck throughout many Asian cultures.

Lunar New Year Festival

After the parade, you’ll continue the celebration with a family-friendly festival. The festival is free to attend and will include arts and crafts, retail vendors, and cultural performances such as Japanese Taiko drumming and martial arts. You will also enjoy a great selection of Asian food, including traditional Lunar New Year treats. Since Lunar New Year is celebrated in many cultures, you’ll have a chance to enjoy your favorite dishes as well as those popular in other cultures. Be on the lookout for some of the staples, such as Vietnamese banh chung, a savory cake made of pork belly, mung bean paste, and sticky rice, as well as Korean gangjeong, a deep fried rice puff coated with honey.

If you’ll be ringing in Lunar New Year in Orlando, Midpointe Hotel, a Rosen property, provides comfortable accommodations near all the action. The nearby Interstate 4 gets you to the Lunar New Year festival in downtown Orlando in just minutes. Plus, you’ll have a number of restaurants, designer shops, and thrill rides to enjoy within walking distance on International Drive. To book your Orlando vacation, call 407-352-1507.

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