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Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

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Kid and Mom in Hotel Bed

Even best planned trips experience hiccups and lulls caused by unpredictable weather. Sometimes even life gets in the way. Summertime in Florida is well known for its rainy afternoons. On rare occasions, days might be completely rained out. Hopefully rainy days won’t wash away your best plans.

If you travel with family, we suggest embarking on vacations to Orlando, the beach, or anywhere else with an activity pack for the kids. Activity packs can include markers, crayons, watercolor paints, paper, small toys, etc.

To help you with a backup plan, we’ve got ideas to help keep your family entertained on grey days. These ideas also work well if you’re stuck at home and trying to figure out how to entertain your little ones.

Scavenger Hunt

Stake out the hotel beforehand and familiarize yourself with the location of ice and soda machines, vending machines, the laundry room, fitness and meeting rooms, and fire extinguishers. Then create a list of items to find with some clues on how to find them. Be sure to have enough prizes for everyone playing.

Extra Points: Create a passport and include some items that allow kids to safely interact with the hotel staff to find items.

Movie Time

Midpointe Hotel, a Rosen Property, offers guests access to many movie channels including family-friendly ones. If the weather outside is frightful, turn the mood around indoors with a happy-go-lucky film or use it to your advantage to host an age-appropriate scary film screening.

Extra Points: Purchase popcorn from the nearby convenience store and get soda from the machine for the full movie theater experience.


When traveling, we may typically keep reading material handy to keep us busy while in long car rides or waiting for flights. Books are an excellent way to keep the mind engaged when not much is going on, so bring an extra book or two for yourself and the kids for unexpected downtime.

Fort Night

Not to be confused with Fortnite, this classic game turns a room upside down and inside out as seat cushions, towels, and blankets become construction materials for your very own fort.

Extra Points: Build an amazing fort that connects the beds!

Dinner Show

If your kids are budding thespians, this activity should be perfect for them. Let them choose a play, show, or make up their own skit to perform over a meal enjoyed in your guestroom.

Extra Points: Let the kids dress up in your clothes and use your makeup so they can really get into character.

Board Games and Cards

Packing for a trip is always a chore in and of itself. Along with carefully planned outfits and toiletries, we suggest bringing a board game or at least a deck of cards. Use these games on days or nights when you’re staying in with the kiddos.

Extra Points: Make your own jumbo versions of classic games, like Tic-Tac-Toe, with scrap paper and pens found around the room and use the floor as your board.

Pet Rocks

Back in days long gone, pet rocks were sold to many kids looking for a unique friend. Today, we can recreate the nostalgic memories without spending a dime. By getting crafty with what’s already available to you, an afternoon could be turned into a creative escape. Collect your favorite rocks from around the hotel. Bring them in and clean them with soap and water. Afterward, decorate the rocks using markers, crayons, or even nail polish.

Extra Points: Hide your rocks around the hotel for others to find.

Family-Friendly Hotel

Midpointe Hotel is at the center of all the action. Here you’re minutes away from world-famous theme parks and an exit away from Interstate 4, Orlando’s major highway. I-Ride, International Drive’s trolley service, offers extremely affordable transportation to nearby attractions, shopping, and entertainment. When the sun returns, two swimming pools and hot tubs await you and the family. Even on days your vacation seems to take a vacation, we’ll be here to make sure you remain comfortable. Start booking today by clicking the button in the upper right corner.

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