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Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

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Cinco de Mayo (literally: five of May) is an annual holiday taking place—you guessed it—on May 5. If you are planning to be in Orlando during the first week of May and you are looking for a place to experience this wonderful celebration of Mexican culture via food, drink, and music, look no further than right next door at 98Forty Tapas and Tequila in the Rosen Centre hotel.

At this restaurant in the lobby, you will find your choice of beer, a healthy selection of quality tequila, and more delicious food than you will know how to handle, all within walking distance of Midpointe Hotel. You’ll know you’ve arrived at the right spot when you look up and see a wall lined with forty premium tequilas, all on the menu. Speaking of the menu, be ready to try some excellent ceviche and salsas. Leave room for creative guacamole and Mexican fare such as tacos and quesadillas. For the adventurous foodie, try the Chorizo Pizza or Pork Carnitas Huarache, a flatbread-style pita covered with slow-roasted pulled pork, and an assortment of cheeses topped with a fiesta of flavors from pico de gallo and cilantro pesto.    

Cinco de Mayo’s rich history is most easily explained as a celebration of the Mexican Army’s 1862 victory at the Battle of Puebla. The festivities have since grown to a new significance in the United States, becoming a triumphant celebration of Mexican-American culture rather than the victory in battle that initially inspired the holiday. Today’s boisterous American Cinco de Mayo parties first emerged in cities with more Mexican-American populations like Los Angeles, Houston, and San Jose. The party spread across the country like wildfire as companies, mostly beer producers/breweries, capitalized on the growing trend and started using it in promotions for their products.

Nowadays, Cinco de Mayo has arguably become more widely celebrated in America than in Mexico. In 2013, the U.S. spent more than $600 million on beer for the occasion, more than they had spent on beer for either the Super Bowl or St. Patrick’s Day. The companies mentioned earlier have shifted the holiday to more of a celebration of Mexican culture, with a focus on Mexican food and music and yes, alcoholic beverages as well. The holiday is still celebrated with the same intensity, but the meaning has changed and evolved.

If you are coming to Orlando to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with us, you will need a place to stay, and we have you covered here at Midpointe Hotel, a Rosen property. Book your stay today at www.midpointehotel.com or by calling (407) 352-1507.

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