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Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Plugging Into Plaza Live February Concerts

Plaza Live February ConcertsAs a form of escapism, music can take you to places you’ve never even dreamt of. Fortunately, if you are a resident of or are planning a trip to Central Florida, you don’t have to travel far to go the musical distance. The Plaza Live is one of Orlando’s prized theatrical possessions, and February’s concert lineup is guaranteed to take attendees across a vast and varied musical landscape.

Saint Motel | Thursday, 2/4

Known for their mixture of equal parts visual and musical artistry, Saint Motel is a dreamy indie pop band that originated in Los Angeles. After releasing their recent 2019 EP, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Saint Motel is headlining a 2020 North American tour in preparation for their upcoming album release—which means you can vibe to new and soon-to-be tracks at The Plaza Live.


Miranda Sings | Sunday, 2/9

She started as an internet sensation known for YouTube covers that featured larger-than-life antics, but she’s now a superstar singer, comedian, and actress known for projects like Netflix’s Haters Back Off! Fueled with hyperbolic self-confidence and lots of red lipstick, Miranda Sings takes her over-the-top act on the road in 2020 and straight to The Plaza Live.

Paul Thorn | Saturday, 2/15

While Paul Thorn’s early career in boxing might make his off-stage image look rough around the edges, his music is entirely inviting to lovers of southern rock, country, and blues. Joined by the newest member of the Paul Thorn band, guitarist Chris Simmons, Thorn lights up Central Florida on one of the oldest stages in the city.

Pepper | Friday, 2/21

With a dash of reggae and a pinch of rock, Pepper will season the stage at The Plaza Live. This three-man group got its start in Hawaii, which explains the cultural, island undertones of their first hits and their latest album, Local Motion. Celebrating nearly 25 years of performing, Pepper is bringing just as much energy as ever.

Tommy Emmanuel | Wednesday, 2/26

As a guitarist like no other, Tommy Emmanuel is an award-winning instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. Well-versed in jazz, country, and rock genres, the Australian-American musician brings his latest album in partnership with John Knowles, Heart Songs, to the heart of Florida.

Queensrÿche | Thursday, 2/27

Hail to the heavy metal of Queensrÿche. The current Queensrÿche lineup consists of founding members Michael Wilton and Eddie Jackson along with relatively recent bandmates Parker Lundgren and Todd La Torre. These legendary rock icons and tracks from their latest album, The Verdict, are headed for the Central Florida stage.

The Soundtrack to Your Stay

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