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Planning an Orlando Family Reunion

Planning an Orlando family reunion requires organization. Nothing beats bringing a family together to celebrate an anniversary or milestone, enjoy each other’s company, explore and experience new things, and swap stories of past adventures. Indeed, a family reunion is one of the most amazing ways for extended family members to reconnect, spend time together, and make new memories, especially if regularly separated by distance and busy schedules. And what better place to meet up than in sunny Orlando, Florida — home to world-famous theme parks, hotels, and attractions?

If you are thinking of planning a family reunion in Orlando, then here are a few things that you should add to your checklist in order to pull off the best and most memorable Orlando family reunion.

Planning an Orlando Family Reunion

How to Organize an Orlando Family Reunion

The first step in planning an Orlando family reunion is to reach out to each member of your family to decide when everyone can come to Central Florida. It may get tricky juggling group text, email chain, or message thread RSVPs from all directions, so to keep planning streamlined and efficient. You should designate a single representative from each household of your extended family to coordinate the planning. Once you and the other heads of household are set, you should:

  • Establish a primary means of mass communication. As mentioned, emails are an effective way of reaching out to family because most everyone has an email address. When drafting an email, it’s important to include all the necessary information, like the time, location, and date that works best. Including additional links and information such as what to do, bring, or wear can also be helpful.
  • Take detailed notes. Emails are a great way to log information and keep tabs on what was discussed. For example, if someone forgot what was discussed, they could just refer back to the email chain. However, keeping note of family member preferences will lessen any confusion. Using a traditional notepad or a notes app on a smartphone can be a simple solution to staying organized and keeping tally of who is available and who is not.
  • Reach out by phone. If emails don’t get a quick enough response, calling your family is also effective. Hearing each other’s voices makes the conversation more personal and allows you to generate excitement and go deeper into the conversation.
  • Create an online invitation and email it to all family members. Once the details of your Orlando family reunion are set, you can send out an electronic invitation, or evite, to the entire family. This is a great way to officially announce the reunion and get everyone on board and excited for the big event.

Orlando Family Reunion T-Shirt Ideas

Family reunions in Orlando are the perfect place for custom matching t-shirts. Whether you choose to wear them at a theme park or while walking down International Drive, they are a great way to keep track of family members in crowded areas while showcasing familial pride. Orlando Family Reunion T-Shirt Ideas

There are three main elements that go into the design of a custom shirt: text, images, and colors. However, when designing a custom family reunion t-shirt, the first step is to decide on a theme. Following a theme can help your family decide on what to wear and make planning a whole lot easier.

Themes should also correspond to the interests of your family members and highlight the reason for your reunion. For example, if your reunion involves a trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate a birthday milestone, then a Disney-inspired shirt design with a clever slogan related to your event would make the most sense. Poll your family members to get an idea of their color preference. Brainstorm together on image and text ideas to create an agreeable design that appeals to everyone.

If Disney is your destination, your shirts could simply feature a set of Mickey ears on the front with your family’s last name across the back. Or, you can take the design a step further by customizing individual shirts for each family member that features their favorite Disney character on the front.

If you need help with ideas, there are many outlets that offer shirt templates and design ideas. Websites such as Pinterest and Etsy are great online resources where you can look for customized shirt options. Craft stores also offer kits for do-it-yourself creations that your family can work on together while creating fun memories.

Following along with the Disney theme, once your custom t-shirts are designed, you can complete your outfit by adding some related accessories such as Mickey Mouse ears or Goofy hats.

Best Orlando Family Reunion Decorations

A family reunion is not complete without fun decorations. Party and craft stores offer fun decorating supplies that your whole family will enjoy.

There are many unique ways of decorating for a family reunion. For instance, if your family is meeting up and caravanning to Orlando from the same location, then start the celebration early by decorating your vehicles. By using puff paint, you can dress up cars with fun and clever messages about your family reunion that will help make a long road trip go by faster. The washable paint allows you to create 3D designs on different surfaces and washes off easily.

Decorative balloons are a classic way to liven up family reunions and add color to meeting spaces and hotel rooms. Streamers also act as great accents and adds a pop of color that goes along with your theme. Also, party favors like leis or beads are fun types of wearable decorations that your family can keep.

Best Orlando Family Reunion Gifts

With so many souvenir shops throughout Orlando, there is no reason to let family leave the reunion empty-handed. After all, it’s important to commemorate such a momentous occasion with a keepsake that each family member can cherish as a reminder of the reunion. Best Orlando Family Reunion Gifts

When it comes to finding gifts for your family, think about what your family likes and stick to a budget. For larger families, gifts under $5 can work well. Conversely, smaller families may be able to receive more expensive gifts.

Whichever route you go, there are different options that every member of your family can enjoy. Kids love gift bags as they can hold a variety of items such as candy, stationary, or toys, while adult family members often appreciate more practical gifts that they find useful. Personalized family photos always add a nice touch and are a great way to remember the exciting times you and your family had at the reunion.

Best Orlando Family Reunion Meals

Of course, everyone needs to eat. Depending on the size of your family, dining out may take some strategic planning. Fortunately, Orlando is a well-known for family-friendly dining, casual eateries, and themed restaurants. From Disney Spring to Universal CityWalk and along International Drive, Orlando has many choices that can accommodate a large gathering, create a comfortable atmosphere, and serve tasty food to your reunion party. Such restaurants include the welcoming Italian restaurant Maggiano’s at Pointe Orlando, and Mango’s Tropical Cafe on I-Drive — an exciting restaurant and nightclub for those over 21 in your family.

While dining out is the most popular choice, there are alternative dining options for family reunions in Orlando. Ordering a catered meal can be a viable option when there are many mouths to feed and not everyone wants to leave the hotel. Furthermore, asking family members to bring a prepared dish can make travel cumbersome, especially with meals that require refrigeration. Ultimately, eating out provides the fastest, easiest, and most entertaining dining option for your Orlando family reunion.

Best Places to Stay for an Orlando Family Reunion

A family reunion in Orlando can only be made perfect by staying in a comfortable hotel close to all the action. Midpointe Hotel is located a short distance from all the International Drive restaurants and other exciting attractions that Orlando has to offer. So, get ready to enjoy an affordable and exciting time in Orlando with your entire family, complete with all the comforts of home. Start planning your visit today by clicking “Check Room Availability” on our website or calling the Midpointe Hotel at 407-351-5100.

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