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Plan Your Visit to the Coca-Cola Store Orlando at Disney Springs

Glass of Coca-Cola with ice, mint, and red and white striped paper straw

The Coca-Cola Store Orlando is one of those can’t-miss shops in Disney Springs. Modeled after a 1920s bottling plant, this multi-level store one of only three such stores in the world and offers all the branded merchandise a Coca-Cola fan could dream of. Even if you are more of a Pepsi drinker (shhh…) you’re bound to enjoy the store, but expect to check your Pepsi items at the door. Here’s what you can expect on every floor, including where to find the Tastes Around the World international flavors.

The First Level: Coke Brand Apparel & Gifts

Immediately upon entering the store, you’ll be greeted by all things Coca-Cola. The majority of merchandise is found on the first level, including the apparel section. T-shirts, dresses, pajamas, and even boxers are available with designs inspired by various coke products, including Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, and Fanta. If you’re looking for souvenirs to take home to friends and coworkers, small items like keychains, jewelry, and magnets are available too.

For something more unique, check out the store’s 5by20TM collection, part of the company’s initiative to economically empower 5 million women by the end of 2020. The collection features sustainable, handmade items created by female artisans around the world.

Savvy Shopper Tip: Although the fountain beverages are only available on the third level, there’s no need to go all the way up there to grab a soda. You’ll find select bottled beverages (including Dasani and SmartWater) in coolers on every floor.

The Second Level: Free Souvenir Photos with Bear

After you’ve browsed the selection on the first level, head towards the elevators or ramp to explore the second level. Here you’ll have the chance to meet the Coca-Cola Polar Bear for free. Although the Coca-Cola Polar Bear is best known for starring in the 1993 Northern Lights commercial, which shows bears enjoying a coke as they watch aurora borealis, the first Coca-Cola and polar bear collab was in a 1922 print ad. Nowadays, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear mostly hangs out in this themed bear habitat, where you can snap a selfie or let a professional photographer capture the moment for you.

On this level you’ll also find bear-themed merchandise, including polar bear hats, scarfs, slippers, and even stationary. Plush polar bears in a variety of sizes are also available for those want to bring home a new friend.

Savvy Shopper Tip: The second level isn’t just all about bear! This is where you’ll find specialty drinking glasses, tumblers, and reusable water bottles, including designs inspired by the iconic Coca-Cola bottle shape.

The Third Level: Sample Tastes Around the World

The third level is actually the roof, and here is where you’ll find popular Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar. There are many options on the menu, so take your time to review it before ordering. You can enjoy fountain beverages, assorted bottled juices and teas, glass bottled Coke in several flavors, Mexican Coke and Fanta, and even made-to-order smoothies. This is also where you can sample international Coke products, much like at the old Club Cool in Epcot. Unlike Club Cool, the drinks aren’t free, but there is more variety. If you want to sample, check out the Tastes of the World section of the menu, which includes the following options:

  • International Tray

This tray comes with 16 international flavors, including Fanta Apple Kiwi from Thailand, Bon Bon Anglais from Madagascar, and the love-it-or-hate-it Beverly from Italy.

  • Ice Cream Float Tray

The float tray features 8 different flavors of Coke products, each with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  • Combo Tray

If you can’t decide between the floats and the international flavors, get the combo tray for a grand total of 24 sample size drinks.

In addition, the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar also offers adult specialty drinks, such Vanilla Russian and Cherry Coke Ripper. There is also a create-your-own beverage option where you can muddle ingredients to mix with your favorite drinks.

Savvy Shopper Tip: Not only is the beverage bar a great place to enjoy a drink, it also offers sweeping views of Disney Springs. At night it also becomes a prime location for watching theme park fireworks.

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