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I-Drive Thrill Rides to Try This Summer

Starflyer at ICON ParkOrlando’s world-class roller coasters puts us on the map, but did you know you don’t have to pay big bucks to enjoy all of our thrill rides? We’ve got rides right here on I-Drive that don’t require a hefty theme park admission. Most of these amusement parks do not charge for entry or parking. Many are also open late making it easy to avoid the hot summer temperatures and afternoon rain showers. Here’s our top three picks for thrill rides on International Drive.

Orlando Starflyer at ICON Park

Towering 450 feet over International Drive, and bedazzled with over 240,000 LED lights, the Orlando Starflyer is hard to miss. You may have even driven past it on your way to Midpointe Hotel. The Starflyer opened in 2018, making it one of Orlando’s newest attractions, as well as one of the most affordable. For $10 per person, you can enjoy a 45 mile per hour, high altitude tour of International Drive (that is, if you dare to open your eyes). Afterwards, enjoy a drink or two at the Star Bar. The Orlando Starflyer is open from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

What Else To Do at ICON Park:

The Orlando Starflyer is part of Icon Park, an entertainment complex home to several of the area’s most famous attractions and restaurants. In addition to the StarFlyer, ICON Park is also home to The Wheel, a 400 foot tall slow-moving observation wheel. If anyone in your party isn’t ready for the thrill of the StarFlyer but still wants a chance to see the city from above, this is the ideal ride for them.

“World’s Largest” Slingshot at Magical Midway

To ride another record breaking attraction, continue down International Drive to Magical Midway. This fun, carnival-style thrill park is unique in that it doesn’t charge for admission or parking. It is also where you’ll find the world’s largest slingshot. The slingshot has been an International Drive favorite for years and is guaranteed to provide an adrenaline rush. The anticipation will start to build as you are slowly lowered and tilted back before shooting out at a force of 3-5 G’s. You’ll soar over 390 feet over Orlando during your ride. The park is open from 10 a.m. until 12 a.m.

What Else To Do at Magical Midway:

If the slingshot hasn’t quite satisfied your appetite for thrills, fear not. Magical Midway features several other thrill rides, including their own Starflyer that stands at an impressive 230 feet and reaches speeds of 60 miles per hour.

FunSpot SkyCoaster

If free falling hundreds of feet at nearly 70 miles per hour sounds like your idea of fun, you don’t want to miss the SkyCoaster at FunSpot. As the world’s second tallest SkyCoaster, this attraction hoists you 250 feet above the ground. You’ll be fitted in a flight suit then strapped in. When the ride operator give the command “1-2-3, fly!” you’ll pull the cord and plummet towards the ground, only to swoop back up again. Up to three riders can fly at a time.

What Else To Do at Fun Spot:

Need to work up your courage before flying on the SkyCoaster? Fun Spot is home to many thrill rides, including Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, you’re free to wander around the park to find the perfect attraction as Fun Spot does not charge for entry.

Stay near the International Drive Attractions

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