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How to Relax Like a Pro during Your Vacation

Relaxing vacations don’t happen naturally, you have to create them. If you want to return from your Orlando vacation feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, you’ll need to retrain your mind to think like some of the relaxation greats. These simple steps can take you from relaxation amateur to pro on your next vacation in Orlando and beyond.

Dress for Relaxation Success

In order to do some serious relaxation, you’ll need to dress the part. Pack your comfiest clothes that make you feel at ease. Orlando is casual, so you’ll fit right in wearing your soft t-shirts, lived-in jeans, athleisure, or whatever else makes you comfortable.

Once you’ve assembled your wardrobe, don’t forget to pack your loungewear and pajamas. Slipping on your favorite pair of fuzzy slippers, sweats, or a bathrobe after a day of sightseeing will help you ease into a relaxing evening and ward off homesickness.

Go on a Digital Detox

News updates, work emails, and Facebook friends live-blogging their Netflix binges shouldn’t be part of your vacation. Enjoying offline, device-free time during your vacation will help you feel calmer almost instantly, if only because you’ll no longer be subject to the chatter on your newsfeed.

If work or other responsibilities prevent you from going completely device-free during your travels, make sure you set aside some dedicated unplugged time to enjoy your vacation and traveling companions. Even small amounts of offline time will help you find zen and enjoy a clearer mind.

Ditch the Car

You likely spend much of your life driving, so why should you add to that during vacation? Depending on your plans, you may be able to skip the hassle of paying for and driving a rental car. Remember that many of Orlando’s top attractions are located on International Drive, so if you choose a hotel in the area like Midpointe Hotel, you can enjoy a leisurely walk to many of the attractions, or catch a ride on the I-Ride Trolley.

As for getting to the theme parks, Midpointe Hotel also offers free shuttles to several parks, including Universal Orlando ResortTM, SeaWorld Orlando, and Aquatica. Rideshare options like Uber and Lyft are available in Orlando and are great options for getting to and from the airport while avoiding taxi fees.

Embrace a Minimalist Itinerary

As you jot down your Orlando itinerary, remember to keep it simple. Orlando jammed pack with activities, so you might be tempted to cram in as much as possible. This rookie mistake will likely leave you feeling rundown and wishing for a vacation from your vacation. Instead, when planning your relaxation vacation, incorporate some micro travel techniques. Build your trip around your must-see attractions, and remember, less is more. Being able to enjoy a few of Orlando’s treasures without rushing will make your vacation even more special.

Take Advantage of Hotel Amenities and Discounts

Nothing kills those good relaxation vibes quicker than going over budget. Avoid financial strain by taking advantage of the amenities at your hotel which are already included in the room rate. As a guest at Midpointe Hotel, you’ll enjoy access two pool and two hot tubs. Spend a lazy afternoon reading on the deck chairs or cool off with refreshing swim.

As a Midpointe Hotel guest, you also receive a 25% discount at the restaurants at Rosen Centre next door. Embody the definition of leisure as you dine on Caribbean inspired cuisine while on the pool deck at Harry’s Poolside Bar & Grill.

Treat Yourself

Of course, no relaxation vacation would be complete without a trip to the spa. If you are staying at Midpointe Hotel, you’ll receive a 25% discount at The Spa at Rosen Centre. Indulge in a variety of blissful treatments including massages, facials, and pedicures. Massages in particular are excellent for releasing tension and inducing a state of deep relaxation. Choose one with essential oils and hot stones for the ultimate stress relief or reawaken your muscles with a deep tissue massage.

Try Some Yoga

Keep that good energy flowing throughout the rest of your vacation by practicing yoga. Orlando has plenty of yoga studios that offer classes for all levels, but one of the more exciting (and affordable) opportunities for yoga in The City Beautiful is at Lake Eola. This popular park in downtown Orlando offers yoga classes for $5 on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. After class you can stroll through the Orlando Farmers Market or explore the lake on a swan paddleboat.

If you prefer, you can also try these yoga poses in the comfort of your hotel room.

Give Yourself Extra Travel Time

A rough journey home can quickly undo the effects of your relaxing week, so plan wisely. Avoid booking red eyes or complicated flights with layovers for your way home, instead keep travel as simple as possible. Book a flight that gives you enough time to calmly pack up your belongings, check out, and get to the airport.

If possible, it’s also a great idea to take an extra day off after your vacation so that you have a day at home to recover from jetlag, do laundry, and reflect on your travels before jumping back into the responsibilities of work and school.

Relax at the Midpointe Hotel

Now that you’ve got some tips on how to up your relaxation game, it’s time to try it yourself. If you’re looking for reasonably priced accommodations in the heart of Orlando, check out Midpointe Hotel, a Rosen property. We are located on International Drive and have everything you need for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway. Take the first step in planning your vacation and call us today at 407-351-5100 or by clicking the Check Room Availability in the upper right corner of this screen.

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