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Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Harry’s Sip & Savor Pairing Series

Harry’s Sip & Savor Pairing Series

August 16 marks the date of the next event in Harry’s Sip & Savor Pairing Series. As one of Orlando’s favorite events, this series has a reputation for bringing the best in food and drink. Take in the serene poolside vistas at the Rosen Centre Hotel while you dine and drink the finest selections in Central Florida. Here’s what you can expect to find at the next event in the series.

The Pinnacle of Local Craft Beers

The Sip & Savor series was designed to let you enjoy the location you know and love with the additional pairing of spirits and cocktails. However, the next event will change the rules of the game and showcase multiple craft beer options instead. Bring your significant other or loved ones over 21 for a spotlight selection of acclaimed brews. With local beers from the brew masters at Central 28 Beer Company in DeBary, you and your company will savor a truly unique Central Florida experience.

The Personal Touch of Chef Tello

Featuring a menu personalized by Chef Tello, this Sip & Savor event will offer different flavors than its predecessors. Inspired by Caribbean cuisine, Chef Tello has prepared an innovative menu especially for this occasion. He’s taken high-quality proteins and married them with complex seasoning blends to create original dishes that mesh perfectly with the night’s drink selections. Sample, savor, and enjoy multiple courses of some of the finest plating in Central Florida. Share the highlights of your poolside meal on social media with #HarrysSipandSavor.

The Perfect Place to Cap the Night

Allow yourself to fully enjoy the selections at this event by booking your stay on location with Midpointe Hotel. Enjoy perfect pairings for more than just the night with the combination of our relaxing rooms and unparalleled hotel service that will meet your needs before, during, and after the event. You can reserve a room for the date of the event or schedule your entire weekend to experience the local attractions and events on International Drive. Plan your stay with Midpointe Hotel by clicking the Check Availability button in the upper right corner of this screen.

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