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Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

Experience a SpaceX Launch

There are many thrilling experiences waiting for you in Orlando, from the exciting rides at the theme parks to taking in a show at the world-class Dr. Phillips Center. But, there are few things truly as exhilarating as seeing a rocket launch into space. From your very own Orlando hotel, you can see the launches just 50 miles away on the Space Coast as the rockets burn bright and leave a trail of smoke behind them. Come stay at the perfectly located Midpointe Hotel, a Rosen property to experience a SpaceX launch for yourself!

What you thought was only possible in movies is now happening in real life. Elon Musk is pushing the limits of how we think about rockets and space travel with his revolutionary company SpaceX. They are hired regularly by various companies and the government to set up satellites, perform experiments, conduct national security missions, and resupply the International Space Station.

SpaceX, however, has its sights set even higher than these missions. Elon Musk’s stated goal is to “make life interplanetary,” and the first step is getting to Mars. While this may sound far-fetched, SpaceX has released a plan to send cargo vessels to Mars in 2022 and people in 2024 to start creating a city.

Currently, they are modifying their Dragon cargo spacecraft to carry people and will be performing unmanned tests this year for NASA’s approval. Should this be successful, they will begin performing test launches with the crew inside. Dates for the Crew Dragon test are still TBD, but with 4 other launches scheduled for August in Cape Canaveral, there’s still plenty to see!

If you’re looking for an Orlando Hotel, there’s no better place than one of Rosen’s great options. The Midpointe Hotel, a Rosen property is right off I-Drive, the heart of Orlando tourist attractions. You can also check out SpaceX launches from up close at the Kennedy Space Center or Cape Canaveral, just under an hour away from the Midpointe Hotel, a Rosen property. Call us today at 407-352-1507 to reserve your room now!

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