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Rosen’s Total Commitment: Our Response to COVID-19. LEARN MORE

3 Orlando Nights, 3 Musical Genres

Crowd at Music Concert

Orlando is truly a hot city for great live music. 2020 starts off right with interesting acts covering three distinct styles of music. All artists featured here are highly respected in their genre. All have trail blazed in their respective genre. Who are these acts and what are their special abilities?

Keith Sweat | Friday, 1/17 @ Hard Rock

Singer/songwriter and R&B star Keith Sweat still has it serenading audiences with his soulful voice. Having started in 1975 as a member of the Harlem, New York, band Jamilah, you think he’s been a musician all of his life. Did you know prior to Jamilah that Keith Sweat was commodities broker on the New York Stock Exchange? Learning the best of both experiences made it easier for him to break out on his own with Make It Last Forever, which some music historians say launched the New Jack Swing era from the late 80s to early 90s. That genre enjoyed massive radio play and success for six years, and Keith Sweat kept on. Check out Sweat on stage at Hard Rock as he plays his top hits.

Johnny Lang | Saturday 1/18 @ House of Blues

This guitar playing prodigy brings the blues to the House in Disney Springs. Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and recording artist Johnny Lang has long been in the spotlight despite being only 38 years old. Lang started playing guitar at 12 years of age and was discovered at 15 for his raw and old-soul talent. At 15, Lang’s first album Lie to Me went platinum. At 17, Wander this World earned him a Grammy nomination. It’s incredible how a young Lang, with an old blues/gospel/rock singer’s voice, wrote—let alone emote—such heart wrenching subjects as finding and loosing love along with other mature ideas. Now much older, Lang’s voice has aged like fine whisky and his playing skills still smoke on the guitar. True to himself, he still plays barefoot because, “It feels good.” Don’t miss this Grammy award winner when he visits Orlando and teaches the House of Blues a little something about its namesake.

Jesse Cook | Sunday, 1/19 @ The Plaza Live

You might have followed the list of artists this far only to say, ok, who’s this guy? Another guitar playing prodigy, Jesse Cook’s music has never been played on the radio but he’s gotten a lot of TV air time—on PBS Soundstage to be exact. His music was also broadcast to global audiences in 2006 when Irina Slatskaya figure skated her way to Bronze at the Winter Olympics in Bejing to Cook’s “Mario Takes a Walk.” Just as Cook has had a global reach on TV, he’s also toured the globe several times over. Critics agree Cook is the most influential artist in nuevo flamenco, or new flamenco. When asked about his genre or “style,” he defines it as a unique fusion of new flamenco, ethno jazz, and world music. Cook says, “I’m trying to figure out what happens when you mix them all together.” See what he’s cooking up for audiences as his Beyond Borders makes at stop at The Plaza Live in Orlando.

For all music lovers, we’ve got sweet deals on our rooms that will have you singing with joy. We won’t mind if you dance with joy in your room or sing in the shower. The best part of Midpointe Hotel is that it’s in the middle of these three concerts. Whichever you attend, consider a hotel stay nearby with us. Click the Check Availability link above to book your room today.

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